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Thanks so much for your business. It truly means a lot and I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to show you how great Eight Webhosting really is.

Before you move on and access all the AMAZING features of Eight Webhosting, we’d like to give you the option of adding even more power and security to your existing hosting order, by upgrading to our dynamic Power Hosting!
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Introducing The Next Level of Hosting For Your Business
Eight Webhosting Power Hosting Upgrade
Now, Let Me Answer the Question That’s
Going Through Your Head Right Now...
You’re wondering if the package you just purchased is any good since we’re offering this upgrade right?
Well, the answer is YES
Eight Webhosting is everything we say it is and more. Plus, you’ve just saved a ton of money on hosting that other companies can’t match.

But the reason we offer this upgrade is because it has a few more perks than our regular hosting. Some people, like yourself, like to have the option of adding lobster to their steak dinner. That’s exactly what we’re offering here. You already have the best cut of exclusive choice ‘steak’ in Eight Webhosting, but now - for a small investment - you can upgrade to a super deluxe ‘meal’ with the Power Upgrade Hosting option.
Here’s What’s Included
When You Upgrade Today
When you sign up for this upgrade today, we’ll move your account from the corner suite to the penthouse. While the suite is nice, there’s just a few more perks that makes springing the extra funds for the penthouse. Especially if it puts you in a more ‘exclusive’ club.

That’s what’s included in our Power Hosting Upgrade option. Things like:
Benefit #1
The Best Secure Website Protection Available w/ Free Hack Cleanup 
Full-stack security in one easy-to-use protection suite.  Through our volume partnership with Bitninja, we can offer the industry-leading security suite for a great price.

Fully automated, 24x7 server tools
Locate infected files and check stopped attacks
Find account vulnerabilities with deep analysis
Unbeatable malware detection and automated removal
Intrusion detection
IP reputation protection
Premium Ddos protections
We’re so confident in our account protection that if your site gets hacked, we’ll clean it for you. If we can’t, then we’ll restore it to the latest backup at no cost.
Benefit #2
Triple the Server Speed
If Eight Webhosting is like a Formula One race car, then our Power Hosting Upgrade is like attaching a 200-ton rocket to the Formula One race car! Yep. You get massive speeds for each and every one of your sites that includes:
Front of the line efficiency so your web visitors can access your content ASAP
Triple CPU resource allocation
Triple Memory resource allocation
Triple MySQL resource allocation
100% Pure SSD RAID Storage (2x faster than our SSD-Optimized RAID storage. 4x faster than the competitions standard RAID storage)
Your sites loading up to 2-3x faster than the average site
Benefit #3
Scaling That Grows with You
As your business grows, our Power Hosting Upgrade grows with you and won’t miss a beat.  It’s as simple as clicking your mouse and you’ll have everything you need and none of what you don’t!

Never worry about your site timing out as you’ll be able to handle any level of traffic.  Massive spikes and all.

No overloading of servers with crowded customers. Your site functions with all the resources it needs when it needs them.

No need to migrate anything at all.  Our simple solution lets you grow your needs with only a click of a button!
Benefit #4
Incredibly Fast Page Loading
With our Power Hosting Upgrade, we use the highest levels of caching, so your content is available when the visitor wants it without any waiting. With our optimal settings, your pages will load on your site in a flash! Plus, our Pure SSD Storage gives you much faster storage... even faster than a cloud server!

Faster storage = faster page loads. Simple as that.
Benefit #5
Never Have a Worry About Your Site Going Down
We’ve got access to the best servers that money can buy without a doubt.  But in the event that one of our servers is affected and your site is on that server - you won’t have to worry one bit. We’ll IMMEDIATELY switch your site over to another of our servers, so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

And there’s so much more. But if you’re more on the technical side and want to have a peek up under the hood, here’s what our high-quality Power Hosting Upgrade has to offer:
Dual Xeon E5-2650 32 HT Core Server
Enterprise SSD Drives in RAID-10
Unthrottled 1 Gbps Connection to the Internet
Check Out These Amazing Bonuses
Bonus #1
LinkedIn Success Videos
LinkedIn is the social media network that executives and professionals like to hang out on. You’d think that means it would be the perfect place to make connections with others in your industry, find highly qualified and targeted leads, and get traffic to your websites. And you’d be right… unless you do it the wrong way.

Don’t risk being banned by LinkedIn and shunned by your business peers. Watch this video course first and discover: Creative strategies to generate leads from LinkedIn, without being irritating or intrusive; How your LinkedIn Profile can be tweaked to get you noticed; How to safely promote your business and increase sales; Simple insider strategies for leveraging LinkedIn video for sales and lead generation; and so much more.
Bonus #2
Facebook Retargeting Secrets
You know those times where you look at a product on some website, and then, all of a sudden, you’re seeing ads for the product when you look at Facebook? That’s called Retargeting, a fantastic way to increase your sales by advertising to people who’ve previously engaged with you. Retargeting can be very confusing to start out with, though.

This easy to understand guide will take you by the hand through the process of adding retargeting, so you can harness it’s unique power and start profiting from it! You’ll learn how retargeting works and how it can even sell products that aren’t moving… How retargeting can strengthen your audience, visibility, and authority… How you can use retargeting with a mailing list for even more power… How to create Facebook campaigns that hit your IDEAL audience… and much more. This is your key to retargeting success!
Bonus #3
Facebook Groups Unleashed Videos
Imagine having a group of highly engaged people, who are interested in what you have to say (and what you have to sell), and want to learn everything they can from you… This is your tribe, and you can build that with a Facebook Group! But building a Facebook Group from scratch isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

With this video course, you’ll discover the ‘secret sauce’ that makes a Facebook Group successful (instead of being a dud). You’ll find entirely new ways to use a Group that you never even thought of, and how to see results in days (rather than weeks or months). All the insider secrets are covered here, including all the mistakes everyone else makes, so you can avoid them and concentrate on the path to success.
Bonus #4
Instagram Marketing Secrets Video
Are you ignoring over a billion active users, because you don’t know how to effectively market on Instagram? Now’s the time to change that. Discover what you need to know to go from Instagram zero to hero in no time flat!

This great video course will show you how to leverage Instagram’s unique virality for enhancing your brand’s visibility, building your market, and achieving that coveted status of Influencer. In 5 easy steps, you can set up your Instagram business account and be on your way. Discover the secrets that Instagram pros have used to build up huge followings that act on your every post.
Bonus #5
Time Management for Entrepreneurs Videos
Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, and you can’t buy any additional time for your life. So you HAVE to manage the time you have wisely. If you’re an entrepreneur, the pressure is even more intense to squeeze every bit of productivity out of each minute.

In this video course, you’ll discover the secrets, habits, and hacks that the most successful people use in order to manage the time to the max. You’ll learn what 4 habits kill your productivity, so you can avoid those and stick to the 5 rules that help you work less and accomplish more. You’ll discover how to leverage Parkinson’s Law and the Pareto Principle to revolutionize the way you work. And you’ll find out how to maximize your productivity so you can live a successful and fun life again!
Bonus #6
Youtube Channel SEO
YouTube is one of the 800 pound traffic gorillas of the Internet. But it isn’t as easy as it used to be to get your videos positioned, ranked, and pumping out that sweet sweet targeted buyer traffic. Discover what you need to know in order to secure your place at the YouTube traffic table for the long run.

In this video course, you’ll learn which marketing strategies have faded away, or worse, will penalize you… Discover The Ring (not a movie, but a smart solid strategy that you can leverage for great rankings and traffic)… And learn how to do everything you need to do so that it looks as natural as possible. These are your keys for success with YouTube traffic!
Bonus #7
Surefire Chat Secrets
Are you still trying to do all your marketing by hand, messaging person by person, and typing your fingers to the bone handling support requests? There’s a smarter way: chatbots. These apps use Facebook messenger to generate leads and semi-automate customer support, automatically and totally hands-off.

But they can be used the wrong way. This guide will help you avoid the pitfalls that can turn your customers off, so you can discover the ways chatbots can increase conversions, handle common support requests, and make your customers feel heard and valued!
Why It Just Makes Sense to 
Grab This Option Right Now…
Look, you’re probably thinking, “I’m good. I don’t need this.” Fair enough. But I think you should reconsider.

See, unless you plan on just mucking about and never really making any real money or establishing a real presence online - then you’d definitely want to pick this option up today.

Why? Well for one - it gives you the ability to adjust as your business grows without a ton of hassle. No need for any type of migration or messy technical issues that comes with growing your business. And for two, well... this is the only time that we’ll be offering this level of service at such a low price. It’s only available during this launch special.

So even if you don’t use it now, it’s best to take the offer with the discount and have it for later when you do need it. That’s just smart for your business instead of having to shell out more cash later. Don’t you agree?
Yes, You’re Still Protected by The Iron Clad 
Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!
Ok, so just in case you’re wondering, I’m still going to honor my money back guarantee as before. If you’re not satisfied with your Power Hosting Upgrade within a 30 day period of your purchase, just send us an email and we’ll refund you without any hassle.

I’m sure that won’t be the case as we go above and beyond with our Power Hosting Upgrade just like we do with our Eight Webhosting.

But we still want to offer this guarantee so you can have total peace of mind with your order today. Sounds good?
I’m super excited to have you with us for our Eight Webhosting
And Now With Our
Power Hosting Upgrade As Well
Getting your order upgraded today is super easy. All you need to do is choose your option below and once you do, we’ll get you setup in a jiffy.

You’ll receive instructions on how to access your hosting quickly and also how to get any help you need asap should you need it. So, all that’s left to do is use the button below now to get access to our Power Hosting Upgrade.

Go ahead and do it now and I’ll see you on the inside!
Power Hosting Upgrade
I understand that I'll receive instant access to:
The Best Secure Website Protection Available - Full-stack security in one easy-to-use protection suite.
Free Hack Cleanup - We’re so confident in our account protection that if your site gets hacked, we’ll clean it for you
Triple the Server Speed - 3x CPU resources, 3x Memory resource, 3x MySQL resources 100%, Pure SSD Storage. Sites load up to 3x faster
Scaling That Grows with You - Never worry about your site timing out as you’ll be able to handle any level of traffic.  Massive spikes and all
Incredibly Fast Page Loading - We use the highest levels of caching. Your content is available when the visitor wants it - no waiting
Bonus - LinkedIn Success Videos, Facebook Retargeting Secrets, Facebook Groups Unleashed Videos, Instagram Marketing Secrets Video
Bonus - Time Management For Entrepreneurs Videos, Youtube Channel SEO, Surefire Chat Secrets
One Single Payment of $97 - Power Up Platinum Regular $347 Value.  Free Renewals for as long as you host with Eight Webhosting
Eight Webhosting PowerUp Platinum Package

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